Baltic Sea culinary - Sweden

Eat like a Swede

Did you know that the combination of potatoes and herring is good for your heart and your waistline? Or that a breakfast of crushed crispbread and black currants in your filmjölk will make you live a longer, healthier life?

Over the last 50 years, much attention has been given to the Mediterranean diet, but what of the Nordic diet? Researchers at the Nordic Centre of Excellence have found that several Nordic ingredients are responsible for improving health, lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Some well-known superfoods are staples of the Swedish diet, like blueberries, oats and yogurt. But there are a few super healthy Swedish foods that you might not know about - so You better come to us for a visit by yourself.

A modern take on the Swedish classics

Swedish comfort food, or husmanskost as the Swedes call it, is making a comeback lately, but it has never really gone out of style. Who doesn’t crave a plate of meatballs, delicately spiced with allspice, coated in a rich, creamy sauce that’s made from the beef drippings, and nestled near a heap of mashed potatoes with a scoop of sweet and tart lingonberry jam.

Useful information about Sweden

Sweden is a secure, friendly and multicultural country built up by modern technique and infrastructure from top till bottom. With values, equality and social thinking known all over the world in combination with the fantastic traditions and the culture spread by our Swedish food and musicians as two good examples - not to mention big brands like Ikea, Absolut and Volvo... Do we need to say more? ;)

Come to Sweden for feeling the luxury of clean tapwater and fresh air no matter whenever or wherever you are within our borders!