Baltic Sea culinary - Germany

Northern Germany (federal states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein) is famous for its unique nature and a great variety of regional products. The culinary facets are as manifold as this region. Right at the top of the menu is fresh fish, prepared in several ways. Mostly in autumn also venison from the local forests is offered. Specialties made from sea buckthorn are also typical products of the North. And last but not least the region can look back on a 700-year-old brewing tradition. Dozens of brewery inns across the state offer their own home-made barley brew. Locals and tourists celebrate the tasty, healthy dishes as part of the several fish festivals, culinary days and manor kitchen weeks throughout the year. The dishes, served in the stylish ambiance of tasteful manor houses and magnificent palaces, touches all human senses.
Farm-shops all over the area offer regional products of a great variety: jams, relishes, different types of oil, spices, bread, sausage, cheese, liqueur, vegetables and fruits. And delicious home made cakes are a good reason for many people to visit the regional caf├ęs.

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Territory: 23.174 km²
Capital:  Schwerin
Inhabitants: 1.607 million