Baltic Sea culinary - Estonia

Pearlbarley is washed and boiled in water flavoured with salt until half-cooked. Pearlbarley could be previously soaked, this way the porridge will be cooked more quickly. Chopped potatoes are added and the porridge is boiled on a small fire until ready. During the boiling the porridge is stirred once in a while. Potatoes are smashed and the porridge is made into an even mass.

Meat is cut into cubes and fried. Chopped onion is added, which is boiled until golden yellow. Fried meat and onions could be stirred into the porridge or put on the porridge.

It is perfect to serve cold sour milk or buttermilk with Mulgi porridge, nowadays of course also kephir.

Mulgi porridge could be made also with pearl barley or barley flour. Instead of the fired meat in addition to the porridge sour cream sauce could be served.

TIP! Prepare Mulgi porridge in a cast iron pot in an oven. Then the porridge becomes especially silky and tasty. Due to the big amount of electricity and time needed it is not something you could allow yourself very often. It takes about 3 hours to make the porridge in an oven. Those who still have the stove heating or a stove heated with wood in the kitchen, we recommend cooking the porridge especially in the oven – that makes all the difference.

  • Mulgi porridge

1 kg peeled potatoes
2 dl pearl barley
1,5 l water
2 onions
200 g meat (smoked meat)