Baltic Sea culinary - Poland

Heat the vegetable broth until boiling and add bay leaves and pimento along with coarsely grated carrots and celeriac. Add white sausage and cook on medium heat for about 30 minutes. Add the fermented rye flour and a considerable amount of marjoram, then cook for another half hour. Remove the sausage. Dice the smoked bacon finely and fry in a dry pan. Add to the soup along with the drippings. Grate the horseradish root into the soup. Pour in the cream and season with salt and pepper to taste. Cook for a couple more minutes. Serve with white sausage cut into pieces and hard-boiled eggs.

  • Sour rye soup Żurek

1 l fermented rye flour
1 l vegetable broth
500 g raw white sausage
1 carrot
1 piece celeriac
1 piece horseradish root
50–100 ml cream (30%)
1 piece smoked bacon
2–3 bay leaves
a few seeds pimento
salt, black pepper
serve with:
hard-boiled eggs