Baltic Sea culinary - Lithuania

We Lithuanians love Lithuania, a country situated at the geographical centre of Europe, washed by the Baltic Sea, covered with dense forests and meandering rivers and lakes, respectful of its traditions, proud of the Lithuanian language, nurturing its UNESCO world heritage sites, and open to innovations. Visit Lithuania and fall in love with our country.

When you look at Lithuania on the map, you see this tiny blot. Many would believe it should be massively cramped and tight. The truth is, over 65,300 square kilometres is home to just under three million people, making it one of the least densely populated countries in the world.

This is what we offer to all our visitors, who quickly come to realize this strange yet pleasing duality: the country is very compact which makes wasting time a thing of the past, and yet when you get where you want to get, you have the place all for yourself.

This is true everywhere: even in the Old Town of our capital, Vilnius, you can find empty streets in the middle of the day if you just walk a few hundred yards off the main tourist track.

Get out of town, and the feeling starts multiplying and expanding, like ripples in a lake.

Lakeside country houses offer the incredible sensation of owning larger space around you than you ever experienced before in your life, real or imaginary. Farm buildings, fields and meadows, little brooks just outside of an old sauna building, and this is all yours.

Useful information about Lithuania

Capital: Vilnius

Language: Lithuanian

Total area: 65,300 km2

Population: 2 980 000

National Currency: Euro (€)

Landscape: There are over 2,800 lakes larger than 0.5 hectares in size, and 18 rivers longer than 100 kilometres in Lithuania... more

Climate: Oceanic/continental. Average temperature in July is +17°C, in January – -4.9°C. However, temperatures can soar up to +30C in summer, and drop down to -32C in winter.