Educational videos give local manufacturers ideas on product pricing, sales and marketing

In the framework of the recently completed Baltic Sea Food project, local Estonian food producers developed meaningful educational videos on product pricing, advertising and marketing. The videos can be viewed on the Estonian Food and Beverage Manufacturers database page. Videos can also be found on the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce website.

The product pricing and cooperation, as well as the choice of marketing channels, are presented and explained in the video by Erika Pääbus, the landlady of Andre's farm, who has a great deal of knowledge and experience in marketing and selling her cheese both in Estonia and in international markets.

One part of product marketing activities is taking product photos and compiling an image bank. Photos are a good tool for introducing and marketing the product in various media. In the video, a food photographer and food blogger, Ülle Jukk from Jõgeva Cooperation Council, explains the need to take photos and share their experiences of getting good product photos.

The videos have been made within the framework of the international cooperation project Baltic Sea Food, which involved 14 food organizations from ten Baltic Sea countries. The aim of the project was to develop a viable business model that would help regional food networks to market local food products more efficiently and cost-effectively. The project lasted from October 1, 2017 to March 31, 2021, the leading partner on the Estonian side was the Ministry of Rural Affairs. In cooperation with the project partners - Ministry of Rural Affairs, MTÜ Estonian Maaturism (Rural Tourism NGO) and the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce - a database of local food and beverage producers was completed, the aim of which is to gather information on local food and beverage producers and farm shops across Estonia.