Lithuania operational plan

Local food networks are quite new trend in Lithuania. Because here we still have alive traditions of farmers markets. But today life forces us to look for the alternative solutions and think about the possibilities to buy loca,l quality products from one place and to make orders online!
Pilot organization „Merkio produktai“ – local food network in Lithuania are already working in the market for 9 years. Most of the time organization was working with the individual consumers. Last 3 years they are trying to enhance B2B model and work more with HoReCa sector. Organization has 30 supliers (farmers) from different regions in Lithuania and has agreements with the logistics company. At the moment the turnovers with Horeca sector make just 10-12 %. They also has order picking platform and 2 employees.
The operational plan for this pilot organization was designed to increase significantly B2B sales, to refine business structure inside and outside (suppliers), focus on target area and find appropriate IT solutions. Every organization have the processes, the challenge is to manage them right. Operational plan could help to plan all the necessary procesess in the right way.