Latvia operational plan


The target of research is to analyse development possibilities for LPKS (cooperative) “Kuldīgas labumi” (Goodies from Kuldiga) and work out operation plan. Several activities - evaluation of current activities and capacity of organization and opinion polls of members, current and potential clients as well as evaluation of current and potential business area and internal and external resources – took place. Recommendations for the current business model (B2C) and plan of production supply for B2B model where worked out.
Operational plan for 2020 – 2025 consists from four parts: development of organization, communication and coordination system; development of products and new possibilities in B2C sector; how to start-up and develop B2B model and logistics. Development of logistic as well as creation of storehouse are the most challenging tasks of cooperative to develop business, especially in B2B sector.
List of activities and recommendations are presented for each activity based on SWOT, the results of opinion polls, analyses of market trends and theory of business. The most important focus groups are local HoReCa clients, local enterprises, state education institutions, hospitals and organizations who organized procurement of food. List of organizations, as well as recommendations how to reach them are included. The development of B2B in tourism sector is also discussed. Recommendations include also guidelines for different seminars and other educational activities to improve level of knowledge and competences in whole value chain.
Operational plan of cooperative “Kuldīgas labumi” designed within the BSF project is available for general public. Any organization who is interested to improve their performance, develop or start new activities in food business or think about start – up of food network is able to find suitable information about various factors having influence to this business. Insight off producers, partners and stakeholders on B2B issues are increased by level of knowledge and appropriate information and will support cooperation in future.
“Local food business-to-business distribution model” (BMD), Handbook “How to distribute local food business-to-business – a short guide for start-ups and networks” and “Development plan for cooperative “Kuldīgas labumi”” are very important tools to expand idea about B2B model implementation and support cooperation idea among food producers, distributors, HoReCa, networks and end-users in Latvia.